Commission Builds

This explains a bit about how we operate and handle specialty model builds for customers. This is designed to just give a general idea of things to think about when you ask us to do a model build or other custom project for you.

When contacting us, there are some things you need to think about in relation to your project. These are some general questions you need to ask yourself as we will ask these.

  • Is there a specific time you need it by?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you have any special colors you want.
  • Size and scale. How big or small do you want it.

When we take on a custom project, effective September 10, 2019 we will give you a guaranteed completion date. This date is locked in stone. The only way that this date will change, will be if there are requested changes to the project.

Size does matter, keep in mind some of the model kits we do are fairly large. If you have a small space for your idea, then let us know and we can possibly suggest a different scale etc.

When we do a build, we consider approvals via email as firm okays. If we are talking via the phone and agree to something, we will follow up with an email confirming our conversation / changes etc agreed to. We do this so we both know exactly what is expected.

Some projects can take days, and others months. We want to make sure that over time things are still clear.

We sign NDA's all of the time. These are a legal agreement between us and you, and it basically tells us we cannot disclose we are doing work for you. We only sign NDA's on customer names, not projects. This is common for those who work in the Entertainment industry, or possibly other high profile clients.

We want your experience to be enjoyable. So we work with you to ensure it is.